A beautiful yard and a great dock...

The Yard.

view of yard from dock.jpg
view of yard from street.jpg
side view of house.jpg

The front of the house has a neat gravel driveway, a stone path to the front door, and clean sandy space on both sides of the house. The back yard features a nice faux grass area with a table and chairs for waterside seating and dining. Below is the view from the deck onto the green space and the dock.

view of green from deck.jpg
view of green carpet.jpg

A close up shot of the seating area.

Here you can see the bulkhead in front of the house and the length of the green space.

view of green.jpg
boats and paddle boards.jpg

Two great kayaks and one stand-up paddle board offer plenty of opportunities for fun in the bay!

The Dock.

view of house from dock.jpg

Above you can see the house from the shared dock.


Out on the end of the Dock is a great place for kids to do a little Fishing ...

... or some Crabbing ...

... we catch lots of fun things!

full view of dock.jpg

At 110 Feet Long, with 2 side docks over 30 feet each, there is lots of room. Water around the dock is usually about 4 to 5 feet deep, with a sandy bottom.


One section is wide enough to be like a deck out on the water. Two large benches make for a nice area to sit and relax.

dock children.jpg

There is room for you to park jet-skis, or a boat, and for friends to tie up for a visit.

Dock Area.jpg

Have friends over for Sunset Cocktails!


You can see in this view what a nice overall facility we have to offer! This arial shot is a Pre-Sandy picture - the house on the right is now rebuilt and the landscaping is not yet fully restored.