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The Beautiful Sunsets are one of the most wonderful things about our house. The very name of our town - "Mantoloking" - is an old Native word that means "Beautiful Sunset".

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The covered porch looks out onto the Barnegat Bay, offering breathtaking views all day long - and especially at Sunset. We have two large tables that comfortably seat 16 people for a gorgeous Sunset Dinner just steps form the water's edge, or a romantic dinner for two...

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No two sunsets are the same, so you will never tire of relaxing on the porch during this magical time of day. 


Boats of every kind parade up and down the Bay, adding even more interest to an already captivating view.  Friends drop by in their boats to visit for Sunset Cocktails.


If you're lucky, you might catch the River Queen out on her sunset cruise. She adds a little extra magic to the already Beautiful Sunset.

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On many days, for nearly an hour before and after the actual Sunset, the sky and water offer a continuously changing tableau of colors and shapes that soothe, entertain, and relax.


Some of the best colors come out just after the sun sets.

Even as darkness falls the view remains stunning.


There is no better place to enjoy the sunset with your family.


This peaceful setting is the perfect place for quiet reflection...


...or a little celebration of the many pleasures life brings in this magical place!

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